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Christmas Party Games

Christmas is a special season to celebrate. It is a time for gift-giving or making other people smile. Christmas helps make the bond of families and friends tighter. To celebrate this special event, Christmas parties are held. Of course, Christmas parties won't be complete without Christmas party games to add in to the fun and excitement of this merrymaking season. Christmas party games help break the ice in social gatherings and make party-goers comfortable with each other. Best of all, Christmas party games make everybody feel at home and simply enjoy their time.

What are Christmas party games

As the name suggests, Christmas party games are played during the party. Christmas party games are used to give life to the special event, so guests will have a great time aside from eating or drinking. Depending on the type of game, Christmas party games can also draw laughs from the crowd who are watching how the game is played. Usually, Christmas party games require teams to compete against each other. With teams, more people can join Christmas party games. Christmas party games should be wholesome and fun. They should not cause any discomfort to players. Participating in Christmas party games also lead to making new friends and getting closer to others.

Some tips on Christmas party games

Need help in drafting out your programme for Christmas party games? Following are some cool Christmas party games you might want to try for your Christmas bash:

*Christmas party games: guessing game
Throw in a few trivia questions about the Christmas celebration. This is sure to jumpstart your guests' thinking skills. Here are a couple of questions that you can ask:

1.) Who is the first person who lighted up a Christmas tree? (Answer: Martin Luther)
2.) What do you call that tree under which people kiss at Christmas time? (Answer: Mistletoe)

The guessing game should be challenging, but, at least, give your guests a chance to answer the question. Look for questions that are quite easier to answer. You may group them into easy or difficult questions, so your guests may enjoy the level of difficulty.

* Christmas party games: charades

In this kind of Christmas party games, a representative from a team is given a word or phrase that he or she must act out and let other members of the team guess. The word or phrase can come from a song, a movie or a book. It can even be a favourite TV personality or, of course, a Christmas character.